Happy Healthy Kids Program



Our children's generation will be first generation in history that will live shorter, sicker lives than their parents. Our toxic world, poor diets, and high-stress lives are creating chronic symptoms and ailments not only in adults, but our children, too! Our mission is to provide resources to take the overwhelm out of living a long, healthy life!


1 in 40 American kids now has Autism. This alarming trend is still skyrocketing

The average child has over 200 chemicals in their body at birth. We’re toxic before we’re even born!

More than 8 million American kids have been diagnosed with ADHD (with millions more undiagnosed)

The average American child consumes over 34 teaspoons of sugar per day. That’s more than our ancestors ate in years!




By implementing the tools in this program, your family will be well on their way to health and happiness!

Healthy Habits for the Whole Family

Create easy-to-implement habits that prevent illness, restore energy, boost the immune system, and set up your family for long lasting health!

Revitalized Brain

Address focus and attention issues, behavioral issues and mood! It’s time to take your kid’s brain back!


Program  Includes:

Over 12 Expert Interviews

20 + Education Modules

Recipes and Suggested Meal Plans

Weekly Support and Action Steps

Bonus Content ond our favorite resources


The Happy Healthy Kids Program will officially launch on March 9th!!!

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The important first years of life


The Healthy Balance with Eva Stottler